Hebei All Land Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Zhifangtou Industrial Park, Cang County, Hebei Province. It is a leading manufacturer for longitudinal double-sided submerged arc welded pipes in China. Concerning on the "Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Honest and Trustworthy" concept, we solemnly make the following quality assurance and after-sales service commitments:

Quality Assurance

  1. Strictly comply with contract requirements, pipe quality completely in accordance with national or international quality standards.
  2. Make sure our pipe products with fully production processes, covers all the testings with referred standards, MPS and ITP, any defects on the pipe will be not allowed for the delivery.
  3. Material with fully trace-ability, every single of product is shipped with Mill Test Certificate, and other certificates issued by the quality supervision department to prepare for verification and acceptance by the relevant inspection agencies.
  4. If the delivered pipe products with defects or not complied the technical requirement specified in the contract, we will replace immediately and unconditionally. In the process of installation and trial operation, in case any quality problems, we will deal with the problems first, then find the causes and clarify the responsibilities, to make sure the project schedule and end user needs as the plan.
  5. In case we are handling transportation, loading and unloading, if there are any accidents, we will replace and repair the supplied pipe materials as soon as possible according corresponding until client is satisfied.
  6. During the construction process of steel pipe products and the quality problems found in the future operation of the products, if it is our reason, we will bear the responsibility and compensate the direct economic losses suffered by the demand side.

After Sale Services:

  1. Visit customers regularly and asking for feedback.
  2. In case any quality problems with our product, we are committed to send a technician at site within 24 hours after receiving the notes from client. (In case international projects we will start moving in 24 hours.) 
  3. We are responsible for solving technical problems during designation, debugging and operation, and provide technical training recommendation for free.