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Acceptance Announcement for Radiation Device

Announcement of Environmental Protection Acceptance for Radiation Device Application Project 

On September 17, 2018, Hebei All Land Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd hold the environment protection acceptance meeting for the completion of the radiation device application project for Hebei All Land Pipe Plants, under the laws of "Construction Project Environmental Management Regulations". The completion status at sight were as follows:

  1. Basic situation of the project
    Construction unit: Hebei All Land Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Project Name: Application Project of Ray Device of Hebei All Land Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Construction site: Zhifangtou Industrial Area, Cangxian County, Cangzhou City
    EIA report preparation party: China Nuclear Fourth Research and Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Acceptance monitoring party: Hebei Huachuan Inspection and Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd.
  2. Project construction content
    A newly-added X-ray flaw detector, model XYG-320, tube voltage is 320kV, tube current is 5mA, this X-ray flaw detector is a Class II ray device, used in a fixed flaw detection room, the fixed flaw detection room is a reinforced concrete structure, The surrounding walls are made of 500mm thick concrete + 50mm barium sulfate plastered surface, and the roof thickness is 40mm concrete; the protective material of the logistics door and employee access door is 20mm lead plate.
    The actual content of the project construction is consistent with the EIA documents and approvals.
  3. Implementation of environmental protection measures
    During the operation of the project, various measures and protection requirements put forward in the environmental impact report form and approval opinions were implemented.
  4. Investigation of acceptance of environmental protection facilities
    The annual absorbed dose of professional operators and public personnel meets the "Basic Standards for Ionizing Radiation Protection and Radiation Source Safety" (GB18871-2002), and also meets the "Radiation Protection Requirements for Industrial X-ray Detection" (GBZ117-2015) from the self-shielding body of the ray device The air kerma kinetic energy rate at 30cm on the outer surface is not more than 2.5μGy/h.
    Recipient and contact phone number during the announcement period: Li Min 0317-5126515
    The publicity period is from September 21, 2018 to October 21, 2018, and the publicity period is one month.

Mr. Wang Da Hu, Mayor of Cangzhou City visit Hebei All Land

Mr. Wang Da Hu - The mayor of Cangzhou city today has visited Hebei All Land Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd, he gives high praise on Hebei All Land and proposed valued recommendations on employment, environmental, and long run development.

Welded vs Seamless Steel Pipe

Steel pipes ranges in seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe, seamless pipe usually manufactured in hot rolled and cold drawn, welded pipe divided into: Straight seam welded pipe and spiral seam welded pipe. 

Ranges on production methods

Seamless and welded.

Seamless Steel Pipe

Seamless steel pipe as it's name, is manufacturerd from steel round billets, bars, use hot perforation process to transform the round bars in to round pipes. Although it includes several manufacturing processes as follows, hot rolled process used for diameters above 3'' to 24'', cold drawn processes use to produce small diameters below 2'', and cold drawn or cold rolled provides better tolerances than hot rolled. Extruded or jacking process as compensate way to produce pipes in special diameters or big diameters.

  1. Hot rolled seamless, 
  2. Cold rolled seamless,
  3. Cold drawn seamless
  4. Extruded pipes
  5. Pipe jacking

​Welded Steel Pipe

Welded steel pipe manufactured from steel plates or coils, it use mechanical ways to transform the plates into pipe shapes and do the welding. Welded pipe has better production efficiency, lower cost, big diameters up to 100'' advantages than seamless pipes. There are DSAW, LSAW, SSAW, ERW, HFW different welding methods.

  1. Double Submerged Arc Welding Pipe - SAW/DSAW, Ranges in LSAW pipe longitudinal submerged arc welding and SSAW spiral submerged arc welding. LSAW pipe also called JCOE pipe, which it made from steel plate by mechanical press the plates into J-shape, C-shape, O-shape and welding and cold expanding (OD range DN400 to DN1500 for JCOE process). SSAW pipe is made from steel strip or coils which not limited by plates width but can produce large diameters than LSAW pipe, OD range exceed DN2000.
  2. Electric Resistance Welded Pipe - ERW (High Frequency HFW pipe, Low Frequency)
  3. Gas welded Pipe
  4. Furnace Welded Pipe

On seam Types

  1. Straight seam, longitudinal seam
  2. Spiral seam, spiral welded

Secion shapes

  1. Round
  2. Square
  3. Oval
  4. Triangular
  5. Hexagonal
  6. Rhombus
  7. Octagonal
  8. Semicircular 
  9. Other Complex section Steel Pipe

Classified by Applications:

  1. Heat exchanger
  2. Machinery parts
  3. Oil and gas, petroleum transmission
  4. Drilling activities, drill pipe, casing and tubing
  5. Chemical industry
  6. Food, sugar industry
  7. Power station

SSAW Pipe / HSAW Pipe: Spiral Weld Pipe

SSAW Pipe also called HSAW pipe, it means Spiral or Helical Submerged Arc Welding Pipe. SSAW pipe or HSAW pipe offers larger diameters and longer length than LSAW or JCOE pipe. It is produced by steel strip or steel coils.

  • SSAW Pipe: Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipe

  • HSAW Pipe: Helical Submerged Arc Welded Pipe

Both SSAW and HSAW mean same production process of sprial weld seam.

SSAW HSAW Pipe Manufacturing Processes 

  • Ultrasonic inspection for row plates or strips.
  • Milling: Double-sided milled on two edges of plates by milling machine to get the required width, in parallelism and beveled shape for welding.
  • Pre-curved on plates: Use pre-bending machine to change the shape of strip forming to the required curvature.
  • Internal and external DSAW welding, double side submerged arck welding.
  • Cut off the pipe to get the ordered length.
  • Ultrasonic Testing to the pipe body and ends to check if there is any defects. Check inner and outer welding seam of the spiral steel pipe and the pipe body.
  • X-Ray test to check any cracks: 100% X-ray industrial television inspection of the inner and outer weld seam, using an image processing system to ensure the sensitivity of flaw detection.
  • Weld grinding on the pipe ends.
  • Cold expanding at pipe ends: Improve the dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe and improve the distribution of the internal stress.
  • Hydrostatic test: The expanded steel pipe is inspected one by one on the hydraulic testing machine to ensure that the pipes meets the test pressure required by the standard
  • Ultrasnoic Inspection to check if any defects caused during hydrostatic test.
  • Pipe Ends beveled. 
  • X-Ray testing: X-ray industrial television inspection and pipe end weld filming of the steel pipe after the expansion and water pressure test.
  • Product inspection on the pipe dimensions, roundness, ends.
  • Anti-corrosion and coating 3PE or FBE: According contracts to do anti-corrosion coating with 3PE or FBE.
  • Painting and Marking.
  • Warehousing and delivery.